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When you are in the middle of a move, the last thing you need is additional hassles, which is one of the reasons I started looking for great storage units in my area. I wanted to be able to unload the things that I didn't want into a unit, lock up the space, and walk away. After looking around for the right storage facility, I was able to find a great spot that I felt confident about. It has been really neat to see how much of a difference great storage has made in my life, and I know that it can help you too.



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Should You Hire A Moving Company When You Relocate?

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time, but it is also stressful. You must worry about relocating all your personal belongings and finding a new place to live. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to hire professional movers to help you with your relocation. Check out these three frequently asked questions to determine if hiring professional movers is the right step for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Professional Movers?

The main reason people avoid hiring professional movers is the cost. If your new home is located nearby (within 100 miles), and you are not moving to a new state, the move is considered local, so you could hire local movers, which charge about $25 per hour. Therefore, if you have a studio apartment, it may only take a couple hours to move your items, costing you about $100 to $200. On the other hand, if you are relocating an entire average-sized home of 1,750-square feet, it may cost closer to $600 to $900.

If you are moving farther than 100 miles, or if you are moving to a new state, you may need to hire long-distance movers, which are significantly more expensive because they must travel farther. In this case, you'll pay about $9,000 to $11,600 for an 1,500-square foot home. Regardless of where you are moving, the price may increase depending on whether you need items packed, if you have extremely heavy items, etc. Keep in mind, however, that if you don't hire professional movers, you'll still need to rent/borrow a truck or van, pay for gas, and possibly make several trips.

Can Professional Movers Relocate Everything You Own?

Professional movers cannot legally move every item you own. Many items are considered hazardous, such as gasoline, fertilizer, nail polish remover, etc. These items are flammable and/or combustible and so are risky to move. As a result, it's usually illegal for professional movers to haul these items to a local or long-distant location. You, however, are allowed to move the items yourself, but you'd be putting yourself at risk for a potential accident.

In other cases, items are not illegal to move, but professional movers still refuse to move them for safety reasons. Again, some items simply increase the risk placed on the moving company, which could result in a lawsuit if items are damaged or someone gets sick/hurt. For example, perishable foods are often not something movers will relocate. This is because the food could go bad, which may result in you or your family getting sick.

What Can You Do to Make the Process Smoother?

You can make the moving process much smoother for the movers, which greatly reduces your stress. If you choose to pack your own items to save money, pack smart, so the movers know exactly where to put the items. Place all items for each room in specific boxes, and mark them accordingly. Also, make sure to sort boxes so movers know which ones to take and which ones to leave. This can also reduce the risk of having to reopen boxes to check that they are properly packed and labeled.

Make sure the movers can also move around your house easily, especially as they are carrying heavy items. Removing any tripping hazards, such as rugs. Keep small children and pets somewhere secure, such as with a family member, so they do not get in the way.

Moving to a new city, state, or neighborhood takes a lot of work, especially if you have a lot of property to move. Professional movers can help you relocate your items locally or long distance, and there are many ways you can reduce costs. For more information about professional movers, contact a moving company in your area today.