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When you are in the middle of a move, the last thing you need is additional hassles, which is one of the reasons I started looking for great storage units in my area. I wanted to be able to unload the things that I didn't want into a unit, lock up the space, and walk away. After looking around for the right storage facility, I was able to find a great spot that I felt confident about. It has been really neat to see how much of a difference great storage has made in my life, and I know that it can help you too.



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The Benefits Of Using Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Are you concerned with where to keep your precious possessions? While you may have considered renting a standard storage unit for its affordability, climate-controlled self-storage units offer much more advantages in the long run. 

Climate-controlled self-storage units have controlled temperatures and humidity throughout the year to protect your precious items from extreme weather elements. As a result, most people prefer spending a little more on climate-controlled storage units over a standard storage unit. Below are significant benefits associated with climate-controlled storage units.

1. Protection Against Extreme Weather 

During summer, temperatures may rise to 100 degrees and above, while temperatures may go below freezing levels in the winter seasons. These extreme conditions damage precious items such as musical instruments, electronics, wood furniture, antiques, and fine art, which is why there's a need for climate-controlled self-storage units. These climate-controlled units ensure that the temperature does not go below 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit

2. No Fear of Mold or Mildew Destroying Your Property

Fluctuations in humidity levels during different seasons might cause rotting, warping, and cracking of expensive antiques, books, magazines, or wooden items. Some of these items may smell damp. In such cases, you will need a climate-controlled self-storage unit with the technology to regulate the humidity levels up to 55% to prevent rust, mildew, and mold from destroying your property.

Alternatively, if you have no money to spend on the climate-controlled unit, you can improvise. Open the doors of your storage unit regularly on good weather days to allow fresh air inside. This helps to get rid of excess humidity and dampness.

3. Get Rid of Dust and Debris From Your Items.

Climate-controlled self storage units are usually contained in sealed buildings lined with insulated ceilings, floors, and walls. These features protect the items inside from unfavorable weather elements, dirt, and debris. Also, there are fewer chances of pests and vermin infiltrating and destroying the property.

4. Peace of Mind Over Costs

Climate-controlled self storage units are expensive compared to conventional storage units. However, the benefits that come with these units surpass the cost. The climate-controlled units will offer safety and security for your precious items for however long you need them stored. This advantage outweighs the need to spare expenses, especially if the items stored are expensive and irreplaceable.

Climate-controlled units offer more benefits than regular storage units. So rent a climate-controlled self storage unit near you and enjoy total peace of mind!