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When you are in the middle of a move, the last thing you need is additional hassles, which is one of the reasons I started looking for great storage units in my area. I wanted to be able to unload the things that I didn't want into a unit, lock up the space, and walk away. After looking around for the right storage facility, I was able to find a great spot that I felt confident about. It has been really neat to see how much of a difference great storage has made in my life, and I know that it can help you too.



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Why You Should Hire Local Movers

According to one study, over 11% of Americans move annually. This amounts to over 35 million individuals, which shows that moving is a thriving industry in the U.S. One of the tips experts give to people who want to move is to look for local movers. Here are some top benefits of hiring local movers.

Accurate Plans

The most significant benefit of hiring a local mover is they will always come up with accurate plans. The local moving company will most likely visit your home and help you devise a moving plan. They will be able to give you a clear price quote based on their analysis of the volume of your possessions and the challenges involved.

Furthermore, local movers will know which tools to come with based on your particular situation. For example, some of your items, like your piano, may have an adverse reaction to the weather in your area. Temperature swings are known to damage products made of wood, and humidity levels can ruin electricals. The local company will put all this into consideration when choosing the moving equipment to come with to prevent damage caused by weather exposure.


With local movers, you can move on the same day and go back to your normal schedule. There is no need for intense planning like where to get packing boxes, extra storage, and how long you have to wait for the movers to arrive. The local movers will most likely provide all these amenities. For example, if your new house cannot accommodate all your stuff, you can store some of it at the mover's storage facilities which are near your new home.

Additionally, since local movers are just a call away, you do not have to worry about waiting for them. Out-of-town movers are likely to be held in traffic or inconvenienced by weather conditions. Ultimately, local movers afford you the convenience of moving out quickly and settling back to your old life immediately. 


One of the factors that affect moving prices is transport. Movers usually charge high prices for hard-to-navigate roads and when traveling for a long distance. Local moves are priced on an hourly basis. However, the cost of moving is far cheaper than hiring a mover from out of town.

The local movers know the best time to move to avoid heavy traffic. Furthermore, they are familiar with the most efficient routes. They also know where to park their trucks, which is a major benefit in areas where parking is limited.